Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Audio Glitch Sugar Plum

Queer Sugar plum
You make what you like out of it all...!
For me it was just another bunch of sounds that fitted well together.
The song lryic worked and played its part, even to my nasty dippy tried vocal!
Had many issues with my headphones!  Sadly a pair of "Cans" last about three years for me if I'm lucky.  So believe it or not half of this was produced in good old fashion "Mono."  Still it's a test of ones passion and driven maddness.
Pleased with the video, used mainly short clips of contemporary dance and some animation.
I guess it's worth pointing out that I wasn't trying to sound like anyone!
I rarely plan out music or videos... It all starts with just one sound - what grows from that?
YouTube Video Link

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Black Mirror Nosedive Review

It was a Friday afternoon, my partner had the afternoon off, I was kicking back on the sofa and we stumbled across Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror episode, Nosedive, on Neflix.
I personally have an intertest in Charlie's anarchic style of video mash-up and writing, and hands down, it was better than having to sit through The Great British Bake Off! Having said that, I'm not a huge fan of Charlie's work, just someone who likes to watch good telly. Call me old fashioned, but there's good viewing and then there's just utter thoughtless shit on the box. And Charlie uses thought and lots of it, capturing the very real essence of social media rating systems. Showing us how we live in this not-so-fantasy world that was played out in this short but beautifully portrayed and powerful film.
For myself I would put me around the 1.4 rating, still struggling to get to that all important 4.5. I mean who's going to rate a 1.4?  Regardless of their skills or hard work through out the years.
As I watched I got a familiar sense of it's not what you know but who you know, and it's better being friends with the hip and cool "In Crowd" in the vain hope that they will pass you up the ladder and boost your ratings.
To be honest when I post a video, or piece of music, or a write an article, I'm the first one that likes it, hearts it, or thumbs it up.  I have to - I'm more or less the only fucker who's going to read it, watch it or listen to it.  Is that shameful or just trying to save face, or am I just proud of my work?  Like I said, I'm a 1.4. We do what we can, every little helps because nobody watches a YouTuber with a thousand subcribers or follows a Twitter account with a few hundred followers - are you fucking mental? They're obviously shit and are never worth a few minutes of your valuable lifeforce and you couldn't possibly been seen to be in direct involvement with them because this would harm your virtual street cred.
I guess the saddest thing here that rang true for me was the main character called Lacie who tried so hard to get her rating up by pretending to be someone she wasn't and to be in with that higher society of friends to further her dreams.
That is me as my comedy character "Kathleen Dawson". But oddly enough, Kate is liked, hearted, and thumbed up tenfold over me, the man who's underneath it all.  I actually have had the opposite result over the years and Kate is easily a 4.8 on the media social scale. And all I am is that person in the final scene screaming "FUCK YOU!"
Anyways a brilliant piece and I expect nothing less from Charlie Brooker. I happily rate this as a 5.0, all the stars.
Very good Brooker, now GO AWAY...!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Michael Pennington AKA Johnny Vegas

Michael Pennington AKA Johnny Vegas
From time to time I like to write my thoughts about comedians and British comedy.
I believe my last review was about the British comedy awards 2015 and I felt that British comedy had lost it's way and that British comedy and it's comedians had fallen into a ground hog day of lame pannel shows of limited interest.  It's not that they aren't any good, it's more that we have too many of them and I personally feel this to be lazy or prehaps that production companies aren't willing to invest in new acts and we end up with masses of fresh comedains with nowhere to showcase thier funny bones apart from these carbon copied pannel shows.

I've decided to write about Johnny because to me he is the last great comedy character actor that we had.  He broke all the rules pushed the boundaries danced with taboos and told you all to "Fuck off."  He was as Johnny Vegas the under dog the sad clown a loser showing key elements of any great comedian of worth. 
He was over weight drank too much smoked too much shouted alot and told the truth, there was a little bit a Johnny in us all.  Well maybe not all of us but most of us!
I first came across Johnny in 1995 on a TV show called Win lost or draw and I think this was Johnny's first appears on Britsh television.  Although Michael wasn't Johnny at this point, it give him that all important first break that all comedians are looking for including myself as a would-be character comedy actor.
Naturally I could write about his past life experiences of being a potter etc... but honestly I feel most people know this about him, hell I've been a roofer labourer greens keeper and so on, we all come from somewhere in our past lifes.
Which is why it's been a great delight to watch Micheal over the years steal the stage and lime light at award ceremonies, going over time and being dragged off stage only to see him a few minutes later stagger back on and continue ranting.  A joy to watch his character develop and mature with shows as 18 stone of idiot, Ideal, Benidorm and Dead Man Weds which sadly only got one series written by Dave Spikey.

Johnny Vegas gave us real pure comedy as brash and grim as he was as a character he was gentle kind and thoughtful and would take us all on a wild invisible rollercoaster ride.
I know at this point that this may read as a eulogy, but in some respects Michael has pushed his character of Johnny Vegas to one side and matured into his ownself.
In a way Johnny was singing and shouting from the roof tops and getting a few pressing matters of his chest whilst getting paid and having a blast.
If I could ask Michael one question?  When are you and Kathy burke going to work together?
I wish him well in his further career and look forward to seeing him in any new projects.

Written by Kathleen Dawson

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Soundtracking across the universe

I'm only going forwards because I can't find reverse!
Currently still enjoying producing short pieces of music, mainly using sampled loops adding my own touches underneath.
Still digging those Jazz drum loop breaks & fills and wonderus flurries of uplifting pad sounds.
Spent far to much money on new software, but no pain no gain!
I've actually got quite a few new short clip art videos to post up, and I've been working with some tiny clips I must say.  Which is super challenging when a clip is four seconds long or something like that and your working with two minutes of audio music.  But when you see something in your head - You make it fit :)

Also been writing a few of my short stories or whispers as I call them filling in some gaps and time.  Time of which I have few weeks of due to a major multiple sclerosis relapse which has kindly taking my legs from me for a short time I hope?
But hey shit happens all round the world and there is far greater shit going down on this world than some bloke who can't feel his legs very much.
Above are a few snap shots of some the videos that may be posted over the next few weeks.
If your down with Kate please hang in there for her and we will get to "Outfit No2"
And please note that many of these surreal short video clips I post with music are designed to included cross-dressing or a window into a Transgender persons life.
Sometime lines are blurred so we can cross them while others can't focus straight :)

Monday, 1 August 2016

Crossdressing Vlogger Outfit No1 Photos

A few weeks ago I made a Cross-dressing video about my new outfits!
Here are a few photos for you, so you can take better look :)
Nice video with a really nice relaxing & uplifting piece of music which wrote...
Link to this video "Click"
Hope you enjoy the video and the outfit :)

Kate D

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Heart Broken YouTuber

Heart Broken YouTuber
So after six years of posting weekly videos on YouTube all I have to show for this is a really quite pathetic 1,420 subscribes.... sometimes!
I've pretty much done everything you need to do to draw people to my channel apart from run ads and cash in like most.   I see YouTube as nothing more than a place to share your life with others and not a meal ticket.
I guess I'm upset because of the time I've put in with little to no return and it pains me so much to see other channels that have been on YouTube for less than a year with four videos posted to there name with over 50,000 views in matter of weeks!
I'm lucky to score 40 - 400 per video... 
So what must you do after six years of uploading original content on YouTube to get what I would call a fair number of supporters.  The answer is quite clearly "FUCK KNOWS"
All I know is, if I post this on twitter I'll get followed buy roughly 3-4 twitter accounts of people trying to sell me views likes hearts followers and subs.
I beginning to think that YouTube is actually selling small YouTubers views to these unsavory types to sell on in the first place,  an underground market of virtual numbers if you will.
Either way heart broken - perhaps I'm just rubbish at what I do and boring.
Maybe I should act like a cocky prick and shout "Hi YouTube" in that sickly fake manor that so many do.  Or make videos slagging off other YouTubes and cause unreal drama and destroy others peoples channels around me like some many others do, or milk the carp out of my multiple sclerosis and make you feel sorry from me!
But that's not me!  I've traded on being open and honest and as I've always said to many people over the years my honesty has got me absolutely no where in life.

So in conclusion: I feel worthless.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Crossdressing Behind Closed Doors X Rated Alternative

This is an alternative Cross-dressing video.
I produce many styles of video, some funny and fluffy and some dark and questionable!
I've pushed hard as a person who openly shows their cross-dressing that there is more to the person than just the clothes they choose to wear.

Unfortunately this video will not be posted outside of YouTube by myself due to rules that I must follow on others sites that allow hosting of my CD videos.
This video as artful and tasteful as it is could possibly upset or offend, which is not my intention but nevertheless I must have forethought of others feelings.
For those of you who know my style this video will come as no great surprise and will know how much time and work goes into producing something as short as this visual and audio piece.

Sample: Hell Raiser - Frank gets what's coming
Music: Drone effects with added reverb and distortions
Video: Glitch - Male to Female lingerie

On a personal note I've played around with the whole lingerie thing a few times trying to find an interesting area to work with, rather than what is currently uploaded.  In this case with this type of video style, I guess it's worth pointing out that I really couldn't care less if you don't like it... I didn't make it for you, I made it for me and had a choice to share it.
Hopefully you find this somewhat different or perhaps original...

YouTube Video Link Here

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Crossdressing Vlogger A Close Shave Tips & Advice

YouTube Video Link HERE

 My latest Cross-dressing Vlogger, tips & advice that I've discovered along the way that some might find helpful.
I haven't been making many CD videos lately due to a few people getting me down!
I'm very original in my output and some find this hard to deal with... It's not a RACE...

Kate D

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Audio Glitch Electronic Music

Audio Glitch
Been working on a few tracks lately under the name "Audio Glitch" as a side project, most of these will be drone and minimal but with heavy atmosphere. For me as back bedroom recording nobody artist this is a style am most happy fiddling about with at the moment.  I can relax and take my time over these pieces :)  Get the depth and distance right and hopefully present and interesting listen...!

Had another side project to deal with of the pass few weeks of writing three Hip-Hop tracks for a person who was looking for some music to write and spit raps to, so that was interesting for me to beadle to flip out these tracks in a different style.  Not really sure if much will come of it, but there seems to me a small about of interest in my ability to mix and match music genders... If only they knew ^ ^

Thursday, 7 April 2016

X Rated Electronic Music

 All Bets are off (TRACK)
 I'm Your Biggest Fan (TRACK)
 Follow The Evidence

 How Many Horses

 It's been nice to make 4 or 5 short X Rated video bloggers, nice in the respect that I can just do them straight off with no faffing about.  It also allows me to use lots of new Glitch art clips and odd effects of which is a major bonus.
Pictured above in order top to bottom are screen shots from 4 new pieces of music I've been playing with.  Two drone scapes one ambient and "Follow the evidence" which really has got a thing going on! 
[There are 2 links for 2 of these tracks added with the art work.]

May run the odd X Rated Surreal blogs on and off - Dawson/Kate is having a well deserved time out and a spring clean!  As an independent artist of mixed flavors I have to split off and produce a range of things rather than just one thing {boring} I make a lot so I give a lot.

Although Kate has proved to be a highly liked character and has build a small and humble following, I still need the time out to work on other projects.  In other words the Cross-dressing still continues - You just don't get to see it... Yet...!  So I'm more or less just about the music at the minute.  It's not as rewarding as Kate in views or comments etc... But rewards come in many different forms and feeling :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Making short Horror video clips

Making short Horror video clips
I try to dabble in as many things as I can when filming from cross-dressing to horror to comedy!
You have to try as much as you can, because unless you give it a go you'll never know what your really capable of.
This particular video horror short uses most elements used in your standard horror movie all compressed down into 25 seconds.
Dark setting using simple black and white with added gain or fuzz, and using the sunlight to the doorway in front of your screen to flood and light a direct area. 
"Never underestimate natural light it will always be far superior to artificial".
The subject in this case a person of some description slowly twists and drags their limp body towards the doorway building up the scene.
Static effect/flashes is added at random points to build tension and perhaps catch the viewer off guard with a fleeting glimpse of the horror to come!
And finally the reveal of the subjects face from the secondary cameras point of view to deliver the horror goodies.  In this case some spoken words that will haunt the viewers ears!
"Come to Granny"  Think along the lines of The Shining "Here's Johnny.  Find your tag line that one thing that stands out or sticks in a persons mind.
And finally of course we shouldn't forget the all importance of "Music".
Where would horror on our screens be without those creepy sounds?
In this short piece I just hit a few random keys of a pan/string set-up and added ghostly reverb with extra record scratch sound effect "Job done" nothing to taxing...

Title thumb nail fun.
As a little extra big of fun I thought I would cut out the letters needed to spell the lines spoken "Come to Granny" from a few random magazines.  Took a picture of them on a white sheet of paper, adding a green back drop to that and dropped it onto the image you see above.

Thanks for watching the video and reading my blog :)

YouTube Video Here

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Crossdressing Vlogger Tips Tucking Spam & Dungarees

Few extra snaps of the video blog, myself and Pea's playing about before filming and me checking my notes over and trying to remember what the hell I'm talking about and doing...!
When I filmed this I was on the turn and heading down hill with my illness and was fighting hard to stay on top of things.
Sadly I can only hold out for so long before the illness takes grip and I'm slapped down...
Still glad I managed to film this one before I got too sick, even though I look pretty rough!
YouTube Video Link Here

Comedy is a great healer :)

Friday, 19 February 2016

Multiple Sclerosis Brain Melt

To make it perfectly clear if I upload a video about my Multiple Sclerosis it's NEVER for sympathy!
They are uploaded to either gain awareness give support to others or for my own study of the disease.
As the proud owner of said disease I am interested in how it effects my body and mind over time.  I can actually learn a lot about it just by watching myself back, and in return see where I am losing ground.
Recently somebody commented they liked the way I speeded my videos up!
The reason behind that is because I talk very very slowly, so you either get a video of me talking a normal speed which would make a standard video say six minutes long or I speed it up and you get four minutes and something that sounds normal and a little bit comical to the ear.
You have to work the illness in your favor - make the most of it - use it as it uses you...!
Unless you have the illness you can't know what its like on a mental or physical level.

Hopefully in some small way this will show you one side of the many faces of MS.


YouTube Video Link

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cross-dressing Deepest Darkest Hour

It's fair to say I've been a little bit off or moody lately...!
"This whole one sided world of internet bull-shit".
It's very easy to forget the person who makes and creates...  It's very easy for me to forget about me!
My latest Cross-dressing video "Deepest Darkest Hour" was just that I practical wrote as much in the description.
Man does this, man does that bla-bla-bla... Factory machine monkey pushes the button, monkey gets a peanut.

And a preforming monkey I am not...!
I have always worked in a cryptic way and have injected my feeling into many videos over the years and tried to express many of my personal emotions.
Let me break down this video and what it all means:

1- Deepest Darkest Hour:  I have said over the years I normally get one hour to make a video.
When it's a CD video it's a personal thing to me, people can view it as dark and taboo which is totally stupid. 
2- Music: I wrote the music and lyrics to fit the mood and added the fact that I use drugs!!!!!
I have MS "multiple sclerosis" it "FUCKING HURTS" its hard work holding down a full time job and keeping that job as a disabled person.  I use cannabis, many sufferers of MS use cannabis because it works.
This doesn't mean your a pot head, it means your a mature adult who understands that smoking a joint can make the pain go away for a time. 
So when you see me in a dress looking happy and pretty I am very much so, but I stoned.
It may not look it, but trust me if I didn't have a smoke I would be standing with a walking stick or at worse in a wheel-chair.  Please note that Kathleen or Kate is seen sitting more often than not in her videos.

This is my "Deepest Darkest Hour" that I have to go through to gain that tiny piece of happiness on a mental and physical level..!
Hopefully if you watch the video again, it might come across in a different way to you...

So there you have it not a preforming monkey, more a free thinking weirdo in a dress :)
And if you come across a Cross-dressing video have some thought to the person in that dress.
Men and women cross-dress for multiple reasons and I shall continue to push my style of open and honest cross-dressing.
My deepest darkest thanks for your support with Ms Dawson.

When your walls come tumbling down
In your deepest darkest hour
You wash it off in the shower
You roll a green stick 
Grab the needle feel the prick
Give the wallet a flick and the Rizal a lick
In your deepest darkest hour
When your walls come tumbling down

Kate "Oh - that Cross-dresser!"
YouTube Video Link
Music Here Free Download

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Price of YouTube

I'm struggling at the moment to find the fire in my belly!
I've tried to make this point in video blogs a few times, but it always turns out to be a comedy rant and more than likely comes across as "Yeah what ever".
But the truth of the matter is its really quite a miserable experience being a so called "YouTuber".  Something that makes me shudder when people class me as one?
In my almost six years I've seen very little promise of return or reward.
YouTube was at its roots a uploading site for everyday random types from all over the world to showcase their strange and original out looks on life.
An access point to the masses of would-be online virgins of the camcorders to release their demons and drive their video vehicles across the binary highways of heavenly delights.
Naturally that would be great...
Possibly a chance for the more strange and diverse to push through.  These uploading platforms in their early days was a place of the weird and wacky with the most surreal of content and as basic and low budget as they were, they each held promise of a concept an idea of something more that could be.
Now in real time "YouTube" is all about the following:
TV Shows - Movie Trailers - Sports - YouTube's Mega Stars - Multi Channels - Buying Views
I wasn't surprised when I looked into "Buying views" it's an UBER business and don't think it's just the little people taking a slice of this fat money making cake.
Justin Bieber - Psy - Rihanna to throw a few names into the ring have been using this incredibly easy low cost way to boost their own image and returns.
It does nothing but make you wonder the next time you look at these so called five million views in two days videos, if this format of buying views isn't very much alive throughout YouTube on many levels...!
I've always been a firm believer that if you don't run advertisements on YouTube then your videos your channel are buried deep and ranked down.
There's no way a multi billion dollar company is going to put a channel of zero profit making on the front cover, no matter how amazing or talented that channel is.
I think there is a level of corruption within the Google/YouTube empire.
I don't think were talking Fifa levels here, more turning a blind eye to whats really going on.
They know how easy it is to buy views and more, I just feel that they have very little or no control of this practice and in the same breathe know how profitable this can be on the side.
And let's just not make this about YouTube, you can buy views likes hearts re-tweets followers friends subscribers "Everything is for SALE" - "Everything has a PRICE".
The price paid and what was sold was once an amazing uploading site that now resembles nothing more than a fast food chain of recycled soulless video mush...