Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nlin Loki Star Date today

The Children of Loki X-Rated.

Its been quite the trip...!
Unsure on when to finish... This rampant wild orgy of times gone by.
I think it's the attraction to scanning hours of vintage video clips, each one has its purpose
and lays a golden egg or two.  That one tantalizing moment of footage that changes everything...!
 I feel it's one of those grey areas of creating something that will just run it's own course and when it's time to move it to one side, I'll shuffle into the next concept?

Also it's been nice to spend sometime off camera, you can quite easily find yourself living your life on camera and this can be an unhealthy thing to do if your continuously updating the world or who wants to know your life's timeline and all it's in's and out's ups and downs.
Lucky enough I bounce off of most things such as writing and music making editing cross-dressing etc... something to do with spice and variety so I'm told...!

Naturally as a total nerd of video making of all flavors I do have quite a lot of what I would class "Basic Stock" videos to post.  I've actually held back over the last few posts and feel it's really not worth me putting up single videos anymore. 
And am much more comfortable uploading bigger chunks of video with more volume of content, as shown in the "Children of Loki" or "The Naturally Strange" videos.
Some one once told me "If your going to make a sandwich, then make it a meal."
So I equate that to my video making and make a real visual meal of it...

And what of Kathleen Dawson or Just Kate?
Again and using totally the wrong choice of words, It's a suck it and see type of deal...!
I have many plans for her for next year and have been working on a stand-up rountie for her.
I still hold this dream of taking Kathleen to the stage and trying her out on an open mic night at a comedy club.

Music: I thought I better add a few words about my current music making.
After getting slowly sucked into the COL videos I found that sampling the actual video clips could be quite interesting to play with.  Doesn't sound much, but trust me it opens a whole new world of fiddling... I.e. "Don't give up" very pleased with this cross over of video audio clips and music software, very interesting results... we be working hard to improve.

As always you've got to have dreams, when your nightmares are waking up each day and seeing what world we truly live on.
So there we have it... as about as much as I wish to report at this moment in time.
Things are pretty sweet at the moment COL will run as long as it does.
I will be posting some very strange, naturally strange videos.
Music is growing and turning a new corner.
And Kathleen will at some point take to the stage with a new look and routine...maybe?