Thursday, 17 December 2015

Crossdressing Christmas BLOG

It's been an interesting year of making Cross-dressing videos and I can't quite believe how many I actually produced this year!
I guess I just enjoyed myself a little more and let my hair down so to speak.
I've never tried to hide the man underneath the character of Kathleen and hopefully shown a side to Cross-dressing that is more open and thoughtful. 
Using comedy has been great fun for me and slipping in the odd blue joke a long the way such as "Christmas comes but once a year, and the older you get so will you!"

It's been a real treat and blast to finally get some feed back from people about what I do and why I do it, but sadly my toughest audience are Cross-dressers in general.
I often joke to my partner that it would be easier working the Northern club circuit in the UK than trying to get my own fellow Cross-dressers to show more support.
But saying this I do understand that 90% of Cross-dressers are trapped and have to watch my videos in secret and that they very much lead double life's.
It is sad and a shame that this holds people back from feeling some freedom and happiness.
At this point I would like to thank all of you Cross-dresser or not that stand tall and say to hell with it... and to those who for what ever reason you hide, I thank you for taking that risk and that Kathleen is always thinking about you and that you are the reason she keeps coming back, to show you, you can do it...!

YouTube Video Link here

Also I'd like to add that you can also find Kathleen Dawson within the Nlin Loki Naturally Strange Videos if your up for it :)  And if your a fan of Kate's bottom as I've notice from a tasteful mature video I posted this year of Kate in here under crackers, then you'll be interested in watching the last naturally strange video soon to be posted - take little notice of the grumble bloke before the video it's all an act and for effect of the video... It's what I do :)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Crossdressing behind closed doors Bounty Hunter Dress

OMG Humans check this bad boy of a new dress out...!
Totally the dogs BALLS.... Right...!
Loving this big time :)
YouTube Video LINK
Nice one - Top one - Get one sorted :)
Thanks for watching and your support as always... humans...

Kate the BH standard

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Naturally Strange Mash Up Vlogs of Nlin Loki Annoying Advertising

I sometimes feel like the Devil's advocate of YouTube...!
It's hard going to find those really rare gems of really-real people out there, still peddling their own classic and unique brand of original.

YouTube Link
Music MY LITTLE PONY Free Download LINK

Thanks for watching the Naturally Strange Vlogs of NLIN LOKI :)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cross-dressing Baby Jane Dark Side

I made this video the other day which may get posted to YouTube?
It's called Baby Jane the Dark Side of Cross-dressing...
I wanted to have a poke at people who think Cross-dressing is just all about pink and frilly things.
It wont go down well, because it does not conform!
Anyways here are some pictures for you to look at... bit goth and punk, which is more or less how I like to Cross-dress when I'm not doing the whole Kathleen Dawson thing!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nlin Loki Star Date today

The Children of Loki X-Rated.

Its been quite the trip...!
Unsure on when to finish... This rampant wild orgy of times gone by.
I think it's the attraction to scanning hours of vintage video clips, each one has its purpose
and lays a golden egg or two.  That one tantalizing moment of footage that changes everything...!
 I feel it's one of those grey areas of creating something that will just run it's own course and when it's time to move it to one side, I'll shuffle into the next concept?

Also it's been nice to spend sometime off camera, you can quite easily find yourself living your life on camera and this can be an unhealthy thing to do if your continuously updating the world or who wants to know your life's timeline and all it's in's and out's ups and downs.
Lucky enough I bounce off of most things such as writing and music making editing cross-dressing etc... something to do with spice and variety so I'm told...!

Naturally as a total nerd of video making of all flavors I do have quite a lot of what I would class "Basic Stock" videos to post.  I've actually held back over the last few posts and feel it's really not worth me putting up single videos anymore. 
And am much more comfortable uploading bigger chunks of video with more volume of content, as shown in the "Children of Loki" or "The Naturally Strange" videos.
Some one once told me "If your going to make a sandwich, then make it a meal."
So I equate that to my video making and make a real visual meal of it...

And what of Kathleen Dawson or Just Kate?
Again and using totally the wrong choice of words, It's a suck it and see type of deal...!
I have many plans for her for next year and have been working on a stand-up rountie for her.
I still hold this dream of taking Kathleen to the stage and trying her out on an open mic night at a comedy club.

Music: I thought I better add a few words about my current music making.
After getting slowly sucked into the COL videos I found that sampling the actual video clips could be quite interesting to play with.  Doesn't sound much, but trust me it opens a whole new world of fiddling... I.e. "Don't give up" very pleased with this cross over of video audio clips and music software, very interesting results... we be working hard to improve.

As always you've got to have dreams, when your nightmares are waking up each day and seeing what world we truly live on.
So there we have it... as about as much as I wish to report at this moment in time.
Things are pretty sweet at the moment COL will run as long as it does.
I will be posting some very strange, naturally strange videos.
Music is growing and turning a new corner.
And Kathleen will at some point take to the stage with a new look and routine...maybe?


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Imaginary Album The Children of Loki

This project was ultimately started to push myself in the writing and recording of sounds or short musical sounds bites.
I've developed quite a keen interest in incidental music.
"Music used in a film or play as a background to create or enhance a particular atmosphere."
In some cases its harder than it sounds..! 
It becomes a battle and puzzle of wills of which comes first the Chicken "Footage" or the egg "Music."
How do you go about writing a piece of music to fit what your actually watching?
Is it going to flow with the footage, is it going to make any sense, should it make any sense?
Should I write real time to the footage and soundtrack & score as the footage unfolds?

Needless to says each piece out of the four presented there individual problems.
This has been a very "Sound" project and one I'm sure I will continue to explore.
Perhaps in time I'll work on a second Imaginary Album and see what emerges...

SoundCloud Link
YouTube Video Link

Sorry about the ad running I will try to sort that out, it shouldn't be there!
But someone is claiming that "Nosferatu" is theirs even tho its out of copyright date as far as I know!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cross-dressing Vlogger Tips Caitlyn Jenner& Wigs

Sharing my love and world of Cross-dressing with you.
Square jaw tip that you may or may not know about.
A thought about Caitlyn Jenner and a quick look at, how many wigs do I actually have?
Please enjoy this warm hearted look behind the doors to my own Cross-dressing life.
Take care and have fun out there :)

Kate :D

Added Note:  It's amazing how you can refresh a YouTube page and lose 6 subscribers in a click of a button isn't it?  I can really understand why so many people give up...!
Still we push ever forwards into the darkness of YouTube land.

Please enjoy the video and share if you wish :)
YouTube Link to the VIDEO

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Naturally Strange Pt20

Currently still battling with my multiple sclerosis and it's a hard fight I can tell you!
I wont go into the details, but its not pretty and to get back to some sort of fitness takes time.
I've lost some weight and find myself losing time or may be that's something to do with the Aliens and zero gravity... but that's another story for another day :)
So I've just put up one of my pre-made "Naturally Strange" videos that was sitting in a folder on my desktop collect pixel dust to keep the party going.
I have around 4-5 videos ready to go, so that should be enough to keep my channel moving a long nicely over the next few weeks while I get my shit together.

YouTube Link to Video

Thursday, 9 July 2015

That's show business

Cards down on the table - I haven't really been feeling it lately!
I've been struggling with the weather, its the 'heat' way too much for me and my MS.
Heads been pushed firmly into video clip mash-up mode and writing more music.
Random mixture of free footage online edited to follow of the music.

My Cross-dressing is on hold for the time being, not all because I'm not feeling overly pretty at the moment, but also I want to do other things and upload different types of videos.
Naturally the views will drop, but that's show business for you... So I hear...!

Anyways enjoy these few videos over the next few weeks.

Music NLiN lOki 2015
Click Here For YouTube Video Link
There is a music link on this video to the MP3 download if you would like this track.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

That Red Dress Video

So after a few weeks of feeling sick as a dog due to the joys of MS, I've posted my new Cross-dressing video up.
Click for YouTube video Link
Hope you enjoy it and please share if you dare...!
Many thanks to those of you that support my little hobbies.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

That Red Dress

That Red Dress
Four photos taken from a Cross-dressing video I've been working on.
Its one of those videos that's more about the video production/editing then the actual cross-dressing itself - well that's how it turn out for me...!
I'm happy enough with how it turned out, but I like the flow of the video more...
Again somewhat limited for space when filming...

Monday, 6 April 2015

Cross-dressing erotic test photography

Back in 2012, I wanted to take my cross-dressing style, and how I saw cross-dressing as a whole, out of the closet and show it in many different ways.
Rather than this dark taboo world of confused scared men who would like to show their feminine side, but fear the backlash.
I tried my hand at comedy first and produced roughly ten 20-30 minute shows filmed in a corner of my bedroom for a couple of years.  Strangely enough, people actually watched the video to my surprise...!
And then I moved on to "Crossdressing Behind Closed Doors", which was more of fashion statement.  I thought, at one point, that this funny loveable little character might get some love from a television production company due to the amount of people being attracted to her, but sadly it was more or less a flash in the pan. What goes up must come down.
Now, in 2015, finding a direction for "Kathleen Dawson" has become harder and harder, so my partner and I thought we would run some test shots of a more soft-erotic nature and see what kind of feedback we would get from it.
Please note these are merely "test" shots which took us all of ten minutes or so to do.
At some point this year, we will be working on a full set of pictures and try to push some new boundaries.


Friday, 13 March 2015

The window to my world is this computer screen

YouTube Video Link
Pretty much got my head stuck right into my music at the moment.
I've got a nice mellow ambient buzz at the moment, so I'm just going to ride it out...!
Thought I'd put up a few photo's, nothing amazing some fun playing with black and white tones.