Friday, 19 February 2016

Multiple Sclerosis Brain Melt

To make it perfectly clear if I upload a video about my Multiple Sclerosis it's NEVER for sympathy!
They are uploaded to either gain awareness give support to others or for my own study of the disease.
As the proud owner of said disease I am interested in how it effects my body and mind over time.  I can actually learn a lot about it just by watching myself back, and in return see where I am losing ground.
Recently somebody commented they liked the way I speeded my videos up!
The reason behind that is because I talk very very slowly, so you either get a video of me talking a normal speed which would make a standard video say six minutes long or I speed it up and you get four minutes and something that sounds normal and a little bit comical to the ear.
You have to work the illness in your favor - make the most of it - use it as it uses you...!
Unless you have the illness you can't know what its like on a mental or physical level.

Hopefully in some small way this will show you one side of the many faces of MS.


YouTube Video Link

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