Friday, 10 October 2014

Crossdressing Vlogger#5 Two hour window Pt2

I know quite a few crossdresser and sadly more often than not many are unable to let their hair down and dress-up and have fun.
Its one of the main reasons why I started crossdressing online, to prehaps show a little freedom or bring some kind of cheer into people's lifes.
The wigs the fashion the comedy anything really that makes a brighter day.
And I do totally understand why the views to these videos are high but get very little in the way of comments.

I don't think I'll every get use to the disappointment of my videos of just me as a man on camera receiving very little interest in the way of views or taffic.
But when I put a wig on chance my voice and dress as her, then I am seen...!
For me I hear many voices in my head and most softly wispher.
"Nobody likes you, they just like her." Who are you...?

Hmm... I guess after four years, quite simply nothing to anyone.
I'm not even known as that man with multiple sclerosis that defies all the odds of a horrid disease and break all the rules.
LOL... When I make an inspirable MS video, I can't even get support for my work from MS groups or society's which is incredibly lame and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Anyways this is getting ranty, but I'm sure you understand my feelings... may be...!
Although I am writing as a man so I doubt very much youv'e even read to this point.
For some strange reason I have the movie "weird science" going through my mind.

Two hour window Pt1 YouTube Link

Two hour window Pt2 YouTube Link

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fire Seed

Fire Seed

A few years ago I was toying with the idea to write a piece of music that had that "Epic" and "Classic" eletronic dance feel to it, a track that had that catchy little thingy to it...!
I farted about as ones does pressing many buttons of vairous coloured shapes on my screen.
And after about three week I produced this tune "Fire Seed"
It does have a nice progressive feel to it and holds it own, even after a few years on the back burner.

The video is pretty straight forward and I wanted to re-vamp the the old one and use a more direct
appoarch with just a plain POV of a match strike slowed right down.
I will put my hands up and say that these two pieces of footage were sauced from the internet and are free to use. 
I am feeling a touch lazy... I know full well I could of filmed this myself... but "Meh" it was there...
And it saved me thrity minutes of farting about with lights and camera's and shit...!
But saying that I did up the contast and fiddled about somewhat bring the richness of the footage up a level or two, the orginal was a little dark to begin with I felt.
The overlayers are some still shots from a few years back, which I boosted with a few effects.
Just to really bring out the red and orange tones.

All in all a nice tidy little tune and video :)
Good day to you...

Music by: NLiN lOki "Fire Seed" 2011
From his imaginary album

Thursday, 2 October 2014

This is not a video

Few extra photos...
The dress is a Lindy Bop.
I should say at this point that the video was what it was... I was told that I wasn't allowed to film...
So I thought I'd just quickly share that with you in a vlog :)