Thursday, 14 January 2016

Minimal Sounds

Minimal Sounds
So to my first little solo offering I've built up a short ambient piece of music which I felt had a slight Boards of Canada feel to it in places or more to the point I'd had stumbled across a few sounds that I'd heard often used in their work.
On this particular track produced using Reason 7-8 I've used the following.

1- Sound Cell After Glow
2- NN-XT + RV7000
3- Dr Octo + Alligator
4- Antidote

Sound Cell is a lovely little refill, packed full of those really handy little ambient sounds that can really make a difference when constructing a track.

NN-XT which I always use for running my samples through, mainly because its easy to use and does what it's suppose to do with zero fuss!

Dr Octo and the amazing Rex loops - This tool is the boss - If your dead lazy and can't be bothered to sequence a pattern, then Dr Octo is your new best friend :)

The video isn't much to speak of, but I was more or less trying out a few new filters and wanted a moving object that would allow me to see the changes as it plays out, it's more an experiment of colors and layers of footage to gain sharpness and a testing ground for future videos to come.
So there you go, short nice little jolly minimal ambient piece of music and a crappy testing ground video :)

Thanks for watching the video and listening to my music.

YouTube Video Link
Download Track Here

And YES feel free to use my music in your videos - a credit or link to my YouTube channel or link to my Soundcloud would be nice :)

Flutterby AKA Nlin Loki

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