Sunday, 12 March 2017

Finding that spot in the sun

Finding that spot in the sun: By Dani Random

Finding that spot in the sun where you can bathe and bask and not quite burn. A place where you go and the air flows free, that place of stillness, a welcome break for a creature like you and me.
"Crippled, bent, broken, riddled and torn, I have the cure if you'd just hear me out over a cup of sweet black blood tea."
Standing at the oh-so-familiar crossroads that I had visited over the centuries, I shook my head and gave out the usual sigh. "Every time it's the same boring, rattling, lame old speech, Derek!"
Derek was a Crossroads Demon, pretty much your standard deal-making demon for fame, fortune, power, and life extensions. He dragged his cane through the dusty sun-scorched ground and drew a line. "Go on then - cross the line if you dare, Dani Boy!"
"Seriously? Are we doing this right now Derek? Surely you've got better things to be doing like, oh I don't know, ripping souls out of people's bodies for the hell of it?"  I shouted, placing my one hand on my hip.
Derek flung his head to one side as if a major insult had slapped him across the face. "You know that makes you look gay, right?" 
I gritted my teeth and seethed. "OK, whatever, Derek, we'll do it your way if makes you happy." I slowly hobbled my way over to him and broke the line by rubbing my foot through it. "There. Happy now? I've crossed the line. I've broken the boundaries between worlds. I've crossed from the purist light into the eternal darkness. Blah blah blah..."
Derek whipped his head round.  "Do it properly or don't do it at all" he demanded as he smoothed his hair back into place.
My shoulders dropped and I let out another sigh. "OK. From the top, but with feeling this time."  Derek nodded and smiled smugly.
"I crossed the line. I broke the boundaries between worlds. I crossed from the purist light into the eternal darkness. I call upon you, dark demon."
Derek interrupted - "I call upon you oh great dark demon!"
"Oh my God, Derek! Really! Did the Hell Hounds use your cereal bowl as a litter tray again?"
I turned and shuffled over to a small wooden bench, paint peeling and bleached by the sun, and slumped onto it. "Just juice me up Derek and put it on my tab... please?"
"Why you insist on doing the whole 'calling up from the dark below' is beyond me - I texted you like an hour ago to meet here and you were here waiting for me. You were here before me, Derek!"
Derek walked over, pulled his handkerchief from his top pocket, unfolded it, and placed it on the bench before sitting down. A few empty seconds passed.
"I didn't make quota last month", he said, staring straight out into the desert. I turned and tilted my head to one side.
"You didn't make quota?"  I said with some surpise and raised eyebrows.
"Nope - first time since the Black Death."
I joined Derek's fixed gaze out into the emptiness. "Damn, Derek, I'm sorry to hear that. How is Lucy by the way?" I politely enquired. Derek sniffed.  "She's a little irritable - you know full of fire, a tad cranky. She sends her best as always." I smiled. "I never did understand why she likes you so much, I mean look at you - a failing mess of blood, bone and gristle. A five year life extension on rotation I might add, hardly worth one's presence... no offence, of course."
Taking in a deep lungful of the desert night's cold air, I replied. "I fight fire with fire, Derek, what can I tell ya? She likes the heat of my kitchen and I make some mean hot chicken wings."
He turned back to stare out into the darkness. "Hm" he remarked disdainfully. "Well she does like her little pets."
I was slightly puzzled, I'd never seen Derek quite so worked up in all the years that had flowed by. "Hey man, you're really worried about this aren't you?"
Derek jerked his head up high, jutted his chin out,  and ran his finger around the inside of his collar. "To say I'm worried would be a regrettable insight on the matter, but yes I am somewhat uncomfortable with my current situation and I may have to seek a counselor for professional advice."
I pulled my phone from my pocket and clicked the calendar app. "I can fit you in next Tuesday around four o'clock - that work for you?" Derek brushed a hand across his leg and stood up, picked the handkerchief up from the bench and neatly folded it back into his breast pocket. "Tuesday will be fine. Here - payment in advance." He clicked his fingers and vanished.
I shook my head in disbelief of his arrogance - which you would have thought I would have been used to by now - and threw my Zimmer frame into the back of the truck, jigged on the spot and shouted out into the night.
"Yeah, see you next Tuesday... Derek."

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New blogspot for Audio Glitch

Taken settler in a small blogspot page, where I'm currently posting my off cuts or the smaller chunks of Audio Glitch tracks.  At some point I plan to add playable wav links so others can download samples that I'm creating.
I've wanted for sometime to slide into the background - It's easier to post there and quicker.
Also there isn't a lose to your sound or audio levels on play back, although uploads are 100MB per upload from your desktop and play back is through a YouTube player.
It would seem unlike YouTube the quality is in the audio through a blogspot upload rather than the quality being pumped into the video if uploaded through YouTube and a lose of audio can be heard.

For sometime now and a few of you will know I've been sreaching within my music productions for a style a certian style of miminal and mystery, sublime and disorganized a undisciplined rambling mixer or sounds that no matter how much they shouldn't blend, I'm going to pit them off against each other and hear what happens.
Sounds within sounds that bleed even more sounds - it's the strangest and at times a bewildering audio high.

Audio Glitch: Audio Glitch Link

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Audio Glitch Sugar Plum

Queer Sugar plum
You make what you like out of it all...!
For me it was just another bunch of sounds that fitted well together.
The song lryic worked and played its part, even to my nasty dippy tried vocal!
Had many issues with my headphones!  Sadly a pair of "Cans" last about three years for me if I'm lucky.  So believe it or not half of this was produced in good old fashion "Mono."  Still it's a test of ones passion and driven maddness.
Pleased with the video, used mainly short clips of contemporary dance and some animation.
I guess it's worth pointing out that I wasn't trying to sound like anyone!
I rarely plan out music or videos... It all starts with just one sound - what grows from that?
YouTube Video Link

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Black Mirror Nosedive Review

It was a Friday afternoon, my partner had the afternoon off, I was kicking back on the sofa and we stumbled across Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror episode, Nosedive, on Neflix.
I personally have an intertest in Charlie's anarchic style of video mash-up and writing, and hands down, it was better than having to sit through The Great British Bake Off! Having said that, I'm not a huge fan of Charlie's work, just someone who likes to watch good telly. Call me old fashioned, but there's good viewing and then there's just utter thoughtless shit on the box. And Charlie uses thought and lots of it, capturing the very real essence of social media rating systems. Showing us how we live in this not-so-fantasy world that was played out in this short but beautifully portrayed and powerful film.
For myself I would put me around the 1.4 rating, still struggling to get to that all important 4.5. I mean who's going to rate a 1.4?  Regardless of their skills or hard work through out the years.
As I watched I got a familiar sense of it's not what you know but who you know, and it's better being friends with the hip and cool "In Crowd" in the vain hope that they will pass you up the ladder and boost your ratings.
To be honest when I post a video, or piece of music, or a write an article, I'm the first one that likes it, hearts it, or thumbs it up.  I have to - I'm more or less the only fucker who's going to read it, watch it or listen to it.  Is that shameful or just trying to save face, or am I just proud of my work?  Like I said, I'm a 1.4. We do what we can, every little helps because nobody watches a YouTuber with a thousand subcribers or follows a Twitter account with a few hundred followers - are you fucking mental? They're obviously shit and are never worth a few minutes of your valuable lifeforce and you couldn't possibly been seen to be in direct involvement with them because this would harm your virtual street cred.
I guess the saddest thing here that rang true for me was the main character called Lacie who tried so hard to get her rating up by pretending to be someone she wasn't and to be in with that higher society of friends to further her dreams.
That is me as my comedy character "Kathleen Dawson". But oddly enough, Kate is liked, hearted, and thumbed up tenfold over me, the man who's underneath it all.  I actually have had the opposite result over the years and Kate is easily a 4.8 on the media social scale. And all I am is that person in the final scene screaming "FUCK YOU!"
Anyways a brilliant piece and I expect nothing less from Charlie Brooker. I happily rate this as a 5.0, all the stars.
Very good Brooker, now GO AWAY...!