Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Audio Glitch Up Next

NEXT UP: Never Ends
Audio Glitch Star surf next piece alter33 music food4 aliens2

I was really surprised that my last video & music got a whole ten views over night!
And I honestly mean that as in shock!!!  I'm only ever use to seeing maybe four or five over night from frist uploading a music video, for it then to only freeze around the mid twenties.
Still it made my day and thanks for the comments on the last video - really kind of'ya 😃
The video coming up named: Audio Glitch Star surf next piece alter33 music food4 aliens2
Is more of a visual trip out with the first track called "Star surf" which is more or less just a high rez hyper audio intro link as I call it, a stepping stone of sorts or in plain english a filler 😝😝
Which floats you into the "next Piece" which was a lovely snip of footage and audio of a rather lovely looking young lady who was filmed singing street Opera.
This than clips out and in comes the track "Alter33".  Again another high level smasher, but I do like a good banging pumping LEVEL'S ARE WAY TO LOUD MAN style of music.  Great for linking tracks together.  And then from this we slide into "Music food for Alien2" which is just this weird funky slow stomp - really quite an odd funk out groove!
Pleased with all of these little wisphers of tracks, really enjoy working with the audio clips and working them into the music and getting a good seal & fit.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Audio Glitch In Workz

 Been slowly building up new tracks over the last month, I've got some interesting mixtures of music fusion.
I've just finished the next Audio Glitch collection which at the moment is called space shock moon water curve.  Which makes no sense but actually pretty much is the order of samples or audio clips used in each track.
I try to keep a loose theme running in each colletion but it can wobble off track at times!
I am more or less making this shit up as I piece it together 😄
I not overly sure if I'll be spending much time making other types of videos, I'm happy just to produce music and strange looking arty videos if I'm honest.

It's been a great boost to work with my new headphones which have allowed me to clearly pick out individual sounds when working.