Thursday, 28 August 2014

The art of Toking

A set of three video based around smoke & smoking.
Naturally this isn't going to get much in the way of taffic on YouTube.
It's a little bit too arty-farty and I sometimes feel myself being somewhat
disappointed over this.
Although it was nice to read a comment about the music I wrote for the piece.
Most tend to forget I actually write the music as well produce these odd videos.
I guess at the end of the day it really doesn't matter that much, its just another
video that goes into a folder and filed away.
And I just move forwards onto the next idea & project...
It is strange how Kathleen Dawson or Kitty D has come out tops, out of everything
I made here on YouTube over the four years.
She is funny though...
YouTube Video Link

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Kathleen Dawson Show 11

The Kathleen Dawson Show 11

It's only a mini show of around ten minutes, but packed full of the usual madness
that you would expect from Kathleen...!
Something I feel that is worth pointing out with this rather funny loud & proud character if you
haven't noticed, is that she made up of three different personalities or quite possible three different types of people.

1- Kate: The quite sensible one - Poet & Writer - Thoughtful.
2- Kitty D: Electronic music composer - wouldbe fashion model - silent movie star.
3- Kathleen Dawson: The entertainer - loud mouth - comedian - and the one that gets me into trouble.

I hope you enjoy the show as always it was 100% unscripted "Play recored" and GO...!
I'm still hunting a deal with any T.V.production companies but as ever I'm just pissing in the wind.
So that's yet another boil wash...

Big thanks to my friends that have repeatly shared my work over the years of trying to get myself
and Kathleen noticed.
Its not easy and this type of entertainment is a rare form to work with & in...
Its not that there isn't a place for it with in the entertainment bussiness itself.
Its finding the right person who will see the value & take that leap...

The Kathleen Dawson Showw 11

Saturday, 16 August 2014

FAKE BEANS ON TOAST - added Robin Williams sauce

Uhm... I held back for a while before writing anything about the sad passing of Robin Williams.
I understand the outpouring of heartfelt tributes over Robin's death, but personally I thought it might be better to wait and actually find out if there was a little more to it all.
And sure enough, a few days after his death, we found out that Robin was in the early stages of
Parkinson's Disease.
Naturally, and as we all know, Robin was indeed a very funny man and like most great comedians, here was truly the humbling sad clown, suffering from a range of disorders from drug addiction to alcoholism & depression.
I dare say that these years of highs and lows, the good times and the bad, more than likely paid
some contribution to Robin's diagnosis of early Parkinson's Disease.
It's difficult to say what triggered Robin's final decision that day to take his own life. Was it the depression, or the simple fact that the world in which we live has simply gone to the dogs and what's the point anymore!
All I do know is that Robin wasn't alone in his struggle.
Millions upon millions of men, women, and children suffer from depression all over this tiny little
planet.  And the mere fact that even if you have it all, that really doesn't matter.
Depression doesn't take that into account.
I wrote this very short piece many years ago while suffering my ongoing battle with depression,
drugs, and drink:

"Illness is nothing more than an infected misprint
A twisted tainted pattern
That knows not time nor person."

Tony Hancock
Peter Sellers
Spike Milligan
Ruby Wax
Stephen Fry
Lenny Bruce
Richard Pryor

The fact of the matter is that Robin isn't the first well known celebrity to take their
own life over or through depression, and he won't be the last.
The story will generate and snowball communication about the illness, but sadly another news story will take its place in a few days' or weeks' time, ie, boyband found smoking drugs or US sends in the troops, etc... which in itself is very, very depressing.

Please keep talking and keep being honest, not only to yourself but to your friends and loved ones. Depression is a lonely empty road... so lonely that not even tumbleweeds dare roll by.

Robin Williams RIP. You were never alone :(

Friday, 15 August 2014


Don't get me wrong I think Dr Who is an out standing Sci-Fi fantasy T.V. show.
As a kid from the 1970s Sci-Fi and T.V. was a dream come true.
But I never rated the character of Dr Who...!
Now the The Master... Now thats a character... A character I work jump through hoops to play.
I love the wicked madness, its almost like there are three personalities.
The GOOD the BAD and the LOST CHILD OF TIME...

Thursday, 14 August 2014

NLIN LOKI Stuff In My Head...

Over the last few days I've been piecing together a small vlog of around ten minutes long.
"NLiN lOki sTuFf iN mY HeAd"
Nothing overly special just five random vlog clips edited together so you get to see
these five different stories pan out as they bounce in & out of one another.
In the vlog I cover Scottish independence, MS mini rant, green screen fun, understanding YouTube & my new bathroom which isn't that new because I'm still working on it...!
I was going to post it today, but I've only just posted "What's up Jesus" and I plus I got
that sicky feeling of "Well no F**Ker's gonna really watch it anyways...

I guess in a way I'm slowly falling back into my love of writing, where at least I feel safe.
Lost in my own fairytale world of meaningless & if not deluded ramblings as I gently
bounce my forehead off my padded cell...

Which does lead me nicely to my next waffle about an idea I'm toying with, based around
Tall Tales "What I did write" over the last ten years or so read by the rather lovely & if
I may dare... the rather moreish Kathleen Dawson.
Following titles of stories that she would read:
1- The Foul Mouthed Fairy
2- Box Locker No 4472
3-The most beautiful broken harmony
4- The trouble with Pixies

Anyways this was... fun... sort of...!
So remember the wonderful thing about "Lokis", their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs. They're bouncy, bouncy, ... OH SHIT NO WAIT THAT'S "TIGGER...!"

Sunday, 10 August 2014

What's Up Jesus...

Click Link For YOUTUBE Video

What's up Jesus

Something I don't often talk about is how I get my ideas or concepts.
I've been asked many times over the years and I normally reply with the answer.
"It's just the stuff in my head"
I'm not what you would class as an "intelligent" person, more a slightly amateur
sensitive savant.
So here's the breakdown of how or why I make my work:

1- My head hurts.

2- I craft the music: Find the hook - Jesus sample - Look for gospel vocal samples.
Layer and build track around the vocal samples.

3- Spice things up a little and add a fake DJ to remix my track.

4- WHY a fake DJ?  Because at this point I'm already bored and am thinking about
making other videos that I'd rather be doing but don't have the time or money...YET!
And naturally I need something to hook to the vevo-meso logo & get the letters M&S
into the picture.

5- Enter DJ meso.

6- I craft the video: Naturally I'm limited to what I can do at this point.
Editing software is very impressive these days and affordable, but saying that,
for what I see in my mind, this video is merely a rough stekch of what I want to produce.
Video babble: Still shots black & white - vevo logo blank - Add meso text - Flutterby logo-
Overlay target radar - Add scrolling Jesus - Bright light spin - Jesus background - Overlay
digital side bars - Scrolling Jesus beat effect - PiP picture frame - Fade in Sound Only logo -
Dancing fat dude - Jesus background water colour effect - Uploader logo - FIN
Render: 720p HD

7- Day three: Take victim and make them dress up and become DJ meso...
Have a quick shave, add head band & find your goggles.
Stand in front of camera and strike that pose for the Title screen shot for your YouTube

8- Clean up photos using

9- Take photos back to editing suite and add blank Vevo logo plus any other text needed.

10- Spend a few hours cleaning up a few more extra photos for the blog and type a write-up
to your blog...

11- Upload to YouTube and try and figure out which are the best TAGS to use that will get
your video noticed, so you can at the very bare minimum get some feeling of reward for
your time spent by bringing some sort of experience into someone else's life, for no
particular reason other than 1- My head hurts.

And that's about it really...
It's a lot of work, more work than people actually do realise... but naturally I enjoy it and wouldn't
put the time or the effort into it if it were otherwise.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kitty D Mr Severed Head Comedy Sketch

 Click here for YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK

I'm one of the few British Drag Queen's or Cross-dressing comedains on YouTube nowadays if not the only one...?
Hide & Seek with Mr Severed Head took about three minutes to dream up and around three hours to film and edit...
Naturally trying to get others interested in my comedy is really hard work...
Strangley enough my Channel "flutterby4472" gets roughly 200 visits per day, but these visits are not reflected in my overall views on my channel...?
So actually getting a fair deal on YouTube for the work I put into my channel isn't seen at my end.
I often wonder to myself if YouTube has turned off the tap to my channel because I don't run AD's
I.E. I don't make them any money...
For me the math is simple here, I would need around 100,000 subcribes to make any sort of money to make it worth my while.  If I ran AD's now I would make around £2.75 a month "IF" I was lucky.
I'm not really in the habbit of begging for SUBS or LIKES or COMMENTS thats up to you, but I do always ask for SHARES.
That to me is how you get views & subs, by getting new people to see your work.
So Please share my work if you have the time and if you do know so one with in the bussiness that could use a strange freaky artist such as myself that let me know...
You can also find me on Twitter NLIN LOKI @nlin4472

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The art of good conversation with Stella

Today I will mainly be talking with my good friend Stella!
The art of good very much alive...