Saturday, 23 April 2016

Audio Glitch Electronic Music

Audio Glitch
Been working on a few tracks lately under the name "Audio Glitch" as a side project, most of these will be drone and minimal but with heavy atmosphere. For me as back bedroom recording nobody artist this is a style am most happy fiddling about with at the moment.  I can relax and take my time over these pieces :)  Get the depth and distance right and hopefully present and interesting listen...!

Had another side project to deal with of the pass few weeks of writing three Hip-Hop tracks for a person who was looking for some music to write and spit raps to, so that was interesting for me to beadle to flip out these tracks in a different style.  Not really sure if much will come of it, but there seems to me a small about of interest in my ability to mix and match music genders... If only they knew ^ ^

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