Saturday, 23 April 2016

Audio Glitch Electronic Music

Audio Glitch
Been working on a few tracks lately under the name "Audio Glitch" as a side project, most of these will be drone and minimal but with heavy atmosphere. For me as back bedroom recording nobody artist this is a style am most happy fiddling about with at the moment.  I can relax and take my time over these pieces :)  Get the depth and distance right and hopefully present and interesting listen...!

Had another side project to deal with of the pass few weeks of writing three Hip-Hop tracks for a person who was looking for some music to write and spit raps to, so that was interesting for me to beadle to flip out these tracks in a different style.  Not really sure if much will come of it, but there seems to me a small about of interest in my ability to mix and match music genders... If only they knew ^ ^

Thursday, 7 April 2016

X Rated Electronic Music

 All Bets are off (TRACK)
 I'm Your Biggest Fan (TRACK)
 Follow The Evidence

 How Many Horses

 It's been nice to make 4 or 5 short X Rated video bloggers, nice in the respect that I can just do them straight off with no faffing about.  It also allows me to use lots of new Glitch art clips and odd effects of which is a major bonus.
Pictured above in order top to bottom are screen shots from 4 new pieces of music I've been playing with.  Two drone scapes one ambient and "Follow the evidence" which really has got a thing going on! 
[There are 2 links for 2 of these tracks added with the art work.]

May run the odd X Rated Surreal blogs on and off - Dawson/Kate is having a well deserved time out and a spring clean!  As an independent artist of mixed flavors I have to split off and produce a range of things rather than just one thing {boring} I make a lot so I give a lot.

Although Kate has proved to be a highly liked character and has build a small and humble following, I still need the time out to work on other projects.  In other words the Cross-dressing still continues - You just don't get to see it... Yet...!  So I'm more or less just about the music at the minute.  It's not as rewarding as Kate in views or comments etc... But rewards come in many different forms and feeling :)