Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cross-dressing Vlogger

Can't say I wasn't a little bit disapointed with joining a crossdressing forum and finding out that most there seem just to want to ask each other the same questions over & over again.
I've always tried to be postive in my life and with my crossdressing & my MS.
So with that said I need to surround myself with postive people.
Naturally not everyone there was going round in circles, I did actually get to talk to a few really
open and nice people, it was just a shame that the few that where hard nosers made other peoples lifes on the forum a little tricker to have a turn or voice!
So I can only do what I always do... Just keep moving forwards & leave them in my dust.
Ofc this hasn't put me of finding other CD forums of a more open and fun nature.

No links because I really don't feel like its worth it tbh...
If anyone stumbles across this blog the videos can be found on flutterby4472 Youtube channel.
CD Vlogger#2 will be posted at some point...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014