Saturday, 21 April 2012

Were I'm@

I think its fair to say i've been busy over the last few months!  But once I get a track on the go and an idea for a video.  I pretty much put everything into it...
I had a full on melt down working on DX4 video to the track "Disconnect me" The video was flagged on YouTube for a few clips used, which were taken out and then reworked.
The total time spent on the video was... Who knows... 100s of hours I guessing over about a month...
But the end result was worth the pain of it all. ;0
It's my own fault for trying to improve my video making skills, the more playful I become in thought of what to create the harder it becomes.
And then ofc "Intercontinental Ballistic Ballroom Jazz" Very short & simple, in fact there is really nothing to it!  Five sounds in total running in this track...  But it holds its own wieght well and bangs out the good stuff.  The video was a last minute change of thought along with the name!  Looking back I'm glad I listened to myself.  The video & the track marry well toghter and create a strong bond :)
And last and latest track & video up is  "It's your girl Queens" personally the best piece i've written for sometime now and I write a lot as many know.
Within the track are three samples used for The79Machine's Free sample pack and I got to say they were great fun to work with.
I worked a good week on the track itself and fiddle about most nights on it, infact I fiddled too much and blew my ears out after day three of pumping high end sounds into them!
The samples of the girls voice is a loop I lifted of some kids in a school yard freestyle rapping and part of the loop was "It's your girl Queens"  For me finding little gems like that really chance a tracks  direction and can spark new thought when writting.
I'm a firm believer in working outside your comfort zone and seeing what happens!
So that is were we are at :)