Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Imaginary Album The Children of Loki

This project was ultimately started to push myself in the writing and recording of sounds or short musical sounds bites.
I've developed quite a keen interest in incidental music.
"Music used in a film or play as a background to create or enhance a particular atmosphere."
In some cases its harder than it sounds..! 
It becomes a battle and puzzle of wills of which comes first the Chicken "Footage" or the egg "Music."
How do you go about writing a piece of music to fit what your actually watching?
Is it going to flow with the footage, is it going to make any sense, should it make any sense?
Should I write real time to the footage and soundtrack & score as the footage unfolds?

Needless to says each piece out of the four presented there individual problems.
This has been a very "Sound" project and one I'm sure I will continue to explore.
Perhaps in time I'll work on a second Imaginary Album and see what emerges...

SoundCloud Link
YouTube Video Link

Sorry about the ad running I will try to sort that out, it shouldn't be there!
But someone is claiming that "Nosferatu" is theirs even tho its out of copyright date as far as I know!


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  1. Chicken or the egg....Footage or music.....that's perfectly summed up my issues also whilst doing similar projects...often I create sound first then footage to suite...often ...but not always... :-)