Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fire Seed

Fire Seed

A few years ago I was toying with the idea to write a piece of music that had that "Epic" and "Classic" eletronic dance feel to it, a track that had that catchy little thingy to it...!
I farted about as ones does pressing many buttons of vairous coloured shapes on my screen.
And after about three week I produced this tune "Fire Seed"
It does have a nice progressive feel to it and holds it own, even after a few years on the back burner.

The video is pretty straight forward and I wanted to re-vamp the the old one and use a more direct
appoarch with just a plain POV of a match strike slowed right down.
I will put my hands up and say that these two pieces of footage were sauced from the internet and are free to use. 
I am feeling a touch lazy... I know full well I could of filmed this myself... but "Meh" it was there...
And it saved me thrity minutes of farting about with lights and camera's and shit...!
But saying that I did up the contast and fiddled about somewhat bring the richness of the footage up a level or two, the orginal was a little dark to begin with I felt.
The overlayers are some still shots from a few years back, which I boosted with a few effects.
Just to really bring out the red and orange tones.

All in all a nice tidy little tune and video :)
Good day to you...

Music by: NLiN lOki "Fire Seed" 2011
From his imaginary album

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