Friday, 28 March 2014

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Final daRk aRts videos of the "Kraken" project.
All three videos were based upon my illness "multiple sclerosis"
What i've tried to depict within these videos & music, is my own
personal journey with the disease which is slow eating me from
the inside out.
First video shows my old life, the years of dedication
to combatant sports.  And the unknowning of the lurking "Kraken"
Summon the Kraken

The second video is the disease itself.
The outbreak of "MS" the Kraken.
The twisted and distorted view of the almost Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
illness that can rip a persons world apart.
Fear panic and confusion followed with a small side order of madness.
Release the Kraken

The thrid and final video shows the taming of the beast, perhaps
even a gentle sadness.
Your note a 0:17 of this video I left in my "facial tic"
Tic definition, a sudden, spasmodic, painless, involuntary muscular
contraction, twitching of a facial muscle.
Something I wouldn't normal leave in one of my videos, as may know
I rarely show my illness on camrea.
I would normally cut & edit any shaking or tics out of my footage, but
these videos were made for a set purposes.
And if you are wondering why I used the words
"Back" "Sack" and "Kraken"
It wasn't for a cheap laugh...
If I want you to truly feel the pain of the multiple sclerosis then take
a wax strip to your genitals and rip it off...
Art is and always has been "Open to interpretation"

So in conclusion in the six years of living with multiple sclerosis.
I didn't just roll over and die.
I pushed the limits of my mind and became:
Poet - Writer - Music composer - Sound engineer - Film marker
Producer - Comedian - Drag artist - Fx makeup artist - Vlogger
Avant-garde video artist....

MS didn't turn my world upside down.... I did...!

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