Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New blogspot for Audio Glitch

Taken settler in a small blogspot page, where I'm currently posting my off cuts or the smaller chunks of Audio Glitch tracks.  At some point I plan to add playable wav links so others can download samples that I'm creating.
I've wanted for sometime to slide into the background - It's easier to post there and quicker.
Also there isn't a lose to your sound or audio levels on play back, although uploads are 100MB per upload from your desktop and play back is through a YouTube player.
It would seem unlike YouTube the quality is in the audio through a blogspot upload rather than the quality being pumped into the video if uploaded through YouTube and a lose of audio can be heard.

For sometime now and a few of you will know I've been sreaching within my music productions for a style a certian style of miminal and mystery, sublime and disorganized a undisciplined rambling mixer or sounds that no matter how much they shouldn't blend, I'm going to pit them off against each other and hear what happens.
Sounds within sounds that bleed even more sounds - it's the strangest and at times a bewildering audio high.

Audio Glitch: Audio Glitch Link

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