Wednesday, 10 December 2014

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014 BS

So yet another LOOK AT ME I'M SO PRETTY end of year video from YouTube.
Luckly this year I had a bucket to throw up in, still can't get the smell and stain out from last year!
Please note this video is full of young happy beautiful people with two token overweight people.
Not overly sure that dog was happy about being lowered down on a rope....!

Sadly it's easy to see that GoogleTube, Oh my bad YouTube is nothing more than a Xfactor machine
turning out as many young people as possible to lead the blind into a false wonderland of lies and promises.
To fill the greedy pocket of Google, you do know that...right...?
Its very similar to politics and those wonderful lies politician spin you for your vote or in this case a Sub.

Naturally your never going to see the millions of YouTubers that post week in week out showing real life.
Your only get push up in your grill the beautiful people all laughing and joking in their perfect life's.
"Oh what fun"

Either way this doesn't show the reality of YouTubers, just a marketing video to make more money
out of you.


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