Monday, 7 May 2012

Coming up...

So as some of you know I've had really bad Internet problems for a while & it's slowly getting back to normal!  But you never know, the phone lines in the UK are much as our railway lines old & out of date.
Although we pay high prices to use them, the money is never put into soild repairs or updating them!
A sad fact, but greed is a drug to those in control etc...
Anyways enough of that, lets move along with whats coming up on my channel :)
Last up was LLI a lovely little 4min video filmed in black & white with added music from ThirdLaneFromTheLeft.  Simply a beautiful sound & fitted the video so well :)
A video has been made for The79Machine & he will at some point upload that on his channel...
Over the next few months a LOKI tune called "AFK" will be posted & poissbly a new funny little chap will appear doing so strange shout outs from time to time!
Also something I've been keeping under wraps for months now will be uploaded that I've been working on for a middle to high end partner channel in the states!
So do look out for that one :)
Much Peace all...

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