Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stuff coming up...

As you can see by my YouTube channel things have changed! I've opened the doors to my mind, which could be a good thing or maybe a bad thing!
Your more or less getting three things for the price of one... Comedy, vlogs and music on one channel.
Most channels on YouTube will only give you one thing! But thats up to them, I've just got too much in my head. So you can have it all :)
So...coming up we have another colab with Misterfuzzyheads channel "Go check that out" which is his music and one of my more strange videos to go with it!
If all goes to plan, it should be something epic...
Post date unknown due to the British weather....I need a sunny day for good light to film in o_O
So until then, take it easy :)

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