Thursday, 14 July 2016

Heart Broken YouTuber

Heart Broken YouTuber
So after six years of posting weekly videos on YouTube all I have to show for this is a really quite pathetic 1,420 subscribes.... sometimes!
I've pretty much done everything you need to do to draw people to my channel apart from run ads and cash in like most.   I see YouTube as nothing more than a place to share your life with others and not a meal ticket.
I guess I'm upset because of the time I've put in with little to no return and it pains me so much to see other channels that have been on YouTube for less than a year with four videos posted to there name with over 50,000 views in matter of weeks!
I'm lucky to score 40 - 400 per video... 
So what must you do after six years of uploading original content on YouTube to get what I would call a fair number of supporters.  The answer is quite clearly "FUCK KNOWS"
All I know is, if I post this on twitter I'll get followed buy roughly 3-4 twitter accounts of people trying to sell me views likes hearts followers and subs.
I beginning to think that YouTube is actually selling small YouTubers views to these unsavory types to sell on in the first place,  an underground market of virtual numbers if you will.
Either way heart broken - perhaps I'm just rubbish at what I do and boring.
Maybe I should act like a cocky prick and shout "Hi YouTube" in that sickly fake manor that so many do.  Or make videos slagging off other YouTubes and cause unreal drama and destroy others peoples channels around me like some many others do, or milk the carp out of my multiple sclerosis and make you feel sorry from me!
But that's not me!  I've traded on being open and honest and as I've always said to many people over the years my honesty has got me absolutely no where in life.

So in conclusion: I feel worthless.