Thursday, 17 December 2015

Crossdressing Christmas BLOG

It's been an interesting year of making Cross-dressing videos and I can't quite believe how many I actually produced this year!
I guess I just enjoyed myself a little more and let my hair down so to speak.
I've never tried to hide the man underneath the character of Kathleen and hopefully shown a side to Cross-dressing that is more open and thoughtful. 
Using comedy has been great fun for me and slipping in the odd blue joke a long the way such as "Christmas comes but once a year, and the older you get so will you!"

It's been a real treat and blast to finally get some feed back from people about what I do and why I do it, but sadly my toughest audience are Cross-dressers in general.
I often joke to my partner that it would be easier working the Northern club circuit in the UK than trying to get my own fellow Cross-dressers to show more support.
But saying this I do understand that 90% of Cross-dressers are trapped and have to watch my videos in secret and that they very much lead double life's.
It is sad and a shame that this holds people back from feeling some freedom and happiness.
At this point I would like to thank all of you Cross-dresser or not that stand tall and say to hell with it... and to those who for what ever reason you hide, I thank you for taking that risk and that Kathleen is always thinking about you and that you are the reason she keeps coming back, to show you, you can do it...!

YouTube Video Link here

Also I'd like to add that you can also find Kathleen Dawson within the Nlin Loki Naturally Strange Videos if your up for it :)  And if your a fan of Kate's bottom as I've notice from a tasteful mature video I posted this year of Kate in here under crackers, then you'll be interested in watching the last naturally strange video soon to be posted - take little notice of the grumble bloke before the video it's all an act and for effect of the video... It's what I do :)