Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crossdressing He is she "Passable"

Over the pass three years of showing myself dressed as a woman or as a cross-dresser.
I've been through many different stages of perfecting certain areas of this hobby or needy desire or call it what you will.  I've always said that 95% of it is an interest in "Can I do this".
Is it possible for me, a man to transform myself into a fairly convincing female. 
Or as its known in the Cross-dressing world "Passable".  Which is something I don't like or agree with, because you setting a class and goal or a limit onto someone.
Your saying you must be this something "Passable" to be the real deal.
Its slightly ironic to think that in a world where men dress as women and women dress as men and freedom of sexually is by the by that this target would be set by the very people who want this so called freedom of self expression in the first place - DUH...!
The clue is in the name itself "Cross-dress"
Perhaps this might help: cross-dress verb gerund or present participle: cross-dressing wear clothing typical of the opposite sex.
I can't really see anything here that states "And you MUST look actually like a woman".
In all honesty I do struggle with the shallow nature of some people's outlook on others.
For sometime myself I had to feel this pressure when posting videos to YouTube.
If I posted myself as a cross-dresser many people would watch my videos, there was an air of acceptance and being "Passable".
But If I posted a video showing myself as the man and the real me then only a small number of people would watch.
Over the years I've become more use to this fact but still do have mixed feelings about it.
I do understand that the mixed bag of people watching my cross-dressing videos watch for many different reasons, from a cheap frill to somebody looking for help and inspiration.
But saying all of that, it still would be nice to see people taking an interest in the man who is the woman.  There is that faint feeling of the word "Passable" every-time I post a video that is not a cross-dressing video. 
You see what I did there?  I turned the whole thing up-side down.
It would seem as a "Man" I'm just not good enough or "Passable" in the eyes of the viewer.

So on reflection I think we can safely say that being "Passable" is utter bull-shit...!
And is something that has been made up my total tools who enjoy making other peoples lives difficult when wishing to find ones own self and personal happiness.
Please understand that being "Passable" is a real term: A term used to describe a shemale or transsexual who can easily pass as a woman in a public setting.
Again I stress that this pretty much saying if you don't look like a real female don't go outside and don't interact with other humans.

Over the years I've met a huge number of transsexual's & Cross-dressers, lovely normal everyday human beings.
Some do look 100% like a female and some not so much, but I'm not judging them in a "Passable" competition.
I'm just talking and connecting with other people that live on the same planet as me...!

Kathleen Dawson

Friday, 23 January 2015

Tattoo Collar Bone Chest Plate

Here are some up close still shots from the video for you...
Tattoo up close for pleasure and the pain
I was just a little under two hour in the chair and just as well if I'm honest.
Depending on where your getting tattooed your soon find out how much pain you can take as the needle is dragged through your flesh, but being tattooed on the bone was never going to be enjoyable.
I've been adding to this chest plate for around three years now and its slowly coming together over each year.
I do have some plans to add colour to it at the later stages, but for now there is still a lot of building and filling to be done.
I've always said tattoo's are personal.

YouTube Video Link

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Crossdressing Behind Closed Doors ENJOY THIS TRIP

My first CD video this year for Cross-dressing behind closed doors.
Kept it nice and simple and really wanted to move forwards this year with Kate's look.
YouTube Video Link
Music from the video Soundcloud

I always link my work as free - ART is free just like me...!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Transsexual & Transgender Vs Russian driving license

So it seems Vladimir Putin, suffering from a "mental disorder", has felt it fit, in 2015, to list transsexual and transgender people amongst those who will no longer qualify for a driving license. And what is the incredibly stupid reasoning behind this genius move by the Russian Government?
Transsexual and transgender people have "mental disorders" and Russia has too many road accidents.
Holy SHIT... World, brace yourself as the bells toll and Vladimir Putin stirs his gay, transsexual, and transgender hating ship into harbour.
I've often thought to myself that people in positions of power, such as world leaders, really do need to be, at the very least, psychiatrically evaluated once a year, just to make sure they're not going just a little bit mental in the head...!
With all the problems caused by Vladimir during 2014, at least he did the right thing at Christmas and made sure that the prices for vodka were lowered... because as we all know, drinking and driving mix beautifully well together and would never lead to "Russia having too many road accidents."
If anything, this really does show that we cannot and must not accept people in such postions of power to force their own backward views or opinions onto others.
We are, after all, creatures of freedom and of one direction that moves forward through time. We evolve and grow, showing no matter how peacefully we express our love for one and other, we can stand tall and proud in such times of darkness.
From the flint to the fire to the wheel to the cart to the car and so on...
When such limited-minded people like Vladimir come along, we can only wonder what happened to him to make him hate his fellow human being so much.

Kathleen Dawson