Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Audio Glitch Sugar Plum

Queer Sugar plum
You make what you like out of it all...!
For me it was just another bunch of sounds that fitted well together.
The song lryic worked and played its part, even to my nasty dippy tried vocal!
Had many issues with my headphones!  Sadly a pair of "Cans" last about three years for me if I'm lucky.  So believe it or not half of this was produced in good old fashion "Mono."  Still it's a test of ones passion and driven maddness.
Pleased with the video, used mainly short clips of contemporary dance and some animation.
I guess it's worth pointing out that I wasn't trying to sound like anyone!
I rarely plan out music or videos... It all starts with just one sound - what grows from that?
YouTube Video Link