Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Soundtracking across the universe

I'm only going forwards because I can't find reverse!
Currently still enjoying producing short pieces of music, mainly using sampled loops adding my own touches underneath.
Still digging those Jazz drum loop breaks & fills and wonderus flurries of uplifting pad sounds.
Spent far to much money on new software, but no pain no gain!
I've actually got quite a few new short clip art videos to post up, and I've been working with some tiny clips I must say.  Which is super challenging when a clip is four seconds long or something like that and your working with two minutes of audio music.  But when you see something in your head - You make it fit :)

Also been writing a few of my short stories or whispers as I call them filling in some gaps and time.  Time of which I have few weeks of due to a major multiple sclerosis relapse which has kindly taking my legs from me for a short time I hope?
But hey shit happens all round the world and there is far greater shit going down on this world than some bloke who can't feel his legs very much.
Above are a few snap shots of some the videos that may be posted over the next few weeks.
If your down with Kate please hang in there for her and we will get to "Outfit No2"
And please note that many of these surreal short video clips I post with music are designed to included cross-dressing or a window into a Transgender persons life.
Sometime lines are blurred so we can cross them while others can't focus straight :)

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