Saturday, 4 June 2016

Crossdressing Behind Closed Doors X Rated Alternative

This is an alternative Cross-dressing video.
I produce many styles of video, some funny and fluffy and some dark and questionable!
I've pushed hard as a person who openly shows their cross-dressing that there is more to the person than just the clothes they choose to wear.

Unfortunately this video will not be posted outside of YouTube by myself due to rules that I must follow on others sites that allow hosting of my CD videos.
This video as artful and tasteful as it is could possibly upset or offend, which is not my intention but nevertheless I must have forethought of others feelings.
For those of you who know my style this video will come as no great surprise and will know how much time and work goes into producing something as short as this visual and audio piece.

Sample: Hell Raiser - Frank gets what's coming
Music: Drone effects with added reverb and distortions
Video: Glitch - Male to Female lingerie

On a personal note I've played around with the whole lingerie thing a few times trying to find an interesting area to work with, rather than what is currently uploaded.  In this case with this type of video style, I guess it's worth pointing out that I really couldn't care less if you don't like it... I didn't make it for you, I made it for me and had a choice to share it.
Hopefully you find this somewhat different or perhaps original...

YouTube Video Link Here

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