Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Making short Horror video clips

Making short Horror video clips
I try to dabble in as many things as I can when filming from cross-dressing to horror to comedy!
You have to try as much as you can, because unless you give it a go you'll never know what your really capable of.
This particular video horror short uses most elements used in your standard horror movie all compressed down into 25 seconds.
Dark setting using simple black and white with added gain or fuzz, and using the sunlight to the doorway in front of your screen to flood and light a direct area. 
"Never underestimate natural light it will always be far superior to artificial".
The subject in this case a person of some description slowly twists and drags their limp body towards the doorway building up the scene.
Static effect/flashes is added at random points to build tension and perhaps catch the viewer off guard with a fleeting glimpse of the horror to come!
And finally the reveal of the subjects face from the secondary cameras point of view to deliver the horror goodies.  In this case some spoken words that will haunt the viewers ears!
"Come to Granny"  Think along the lines of The Shining "Here's Johnny.  Find your tag line that one thing that stands out or sticks in a persons mind.
And finally of course we shouldn't forget the all importance of "Music".
Where would horror on our screens be without those creepy sounds?
In this short piece I just hit a few random keys of a pan/string set-up and added ghostly reverb with extra record scratch sound effect "Job done" nothing to taxing...

Title thumb nail fun.
As a little extra big of fun I thought I would cut out the letters needed to spell the lines spoken "Come to Granny" from a few random magazines.  Took a picture of them on a white sheet of paper, adding a green back drop to that and dropped it onto the image you see above.

Thanks for watching the video and reading my blog :)

YouTube Video Here

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