Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cross-dressing Deepest Darkest Hour

It's fair to say I've been a little bit off or moody lately...!
"This whole one sided world of internet bull-shit".
It's very easy to forget the person who makes and creates...  It's very easy for me to forget about me!
My latest Cross-dressing video "Deepest Darkest Hour" was just that I practical wrote as much in the description.
Man does this, man does that bla-bla-bla... Factory machine monkey pushes the button, monkey gets a peanut.

And a preforming monkey I am not...!
I have always worked in a cryptic way and have injected my feeling into many videos over the years and tried to express many of my personal emotions.
Let me break down this video and what it all means:

1- Deepest Darkest Hour:  I have said over the years I normally get one hour to make a video.
When it's a CD video it's a personal thing to me, people can view it as dark and taboo which is totally stupid. 
2- Music: I wrote the music and lyrics to fit the mood and added the fact that I use drugs!!!!!
I have MS "multiple sclerosis" it "FUCKING HURTS" its hard work holding down a full time job and keeping that job as a disabled person.  I use cannabis, many sufferers of MS use cannabis because it works.
This doesn't mean your a pot head, it means your a mature adult who understands that smoking a joint can make the pain go away for a time. 
So when you see me in a dress looking happy and pretty I am very much so, but I stoned.
It may not look it, but trust me if I didn't have a smoke I would be standing with a walking stick or at worse in a wheel-chair.  Please note that Kathleen or Kate is seen sitting more often than not in her videos.

This is my "Deepest Darkest Hour" that I have to go through to gain that tiny piece of happiness on a mental and physical level..!
Hopefully if you watch the video again, it might come across in a different way to you...

So there you have it not a preforming monkey, more a free thinking weirdo in a dress :)
And if you come across a Cross-dressing video have some thought to the person in that dress.
Men and women cross-dress for multiple reasons and I shall continue to push my style of open and honest cross-dressing.
My deepest darkest thanks for your support with Ms Dawson.

When your walls come tumbling down
In your deepest darkest hour
You wash it off in the shower
You roll a green stick 
Grab the needle feel the prick
Give the wallet a flick and the Rizal a lick
In your deepest darkest hour
When your walls come tumbling down

Kate "Oh - that Cross-dresser!"
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  1. It's a wonderful video. You should make more! :-)

    1. Working on it for the spring - summer time, looking for the right location and good old fashion natural sun light :) Very rare in the UK as you know :P

    2. You are beautiful as you are
      you are inspiring
      you are strong
      there are those out there in internet land
      who'd be afraid to do the things which you can
      Shit man you work hard and its no joke
      like I said its an inspiration for a lot of folks......... ;)

    3. Mayri :) Late reply - Hope your well lovely lady :)
      I'm am as ever pushing forwards and doing what I do-do...
      Battling on with lame YouTube and trying out a few new tricks this year :)
      Super hugs for you and your :D