Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Price of YouTube

I'm struggling at the moment to find the fire in my belly!
I've tried to make this point in video blogs a few times, but it always turns out to be a comedy rant and more than likely comes across as "Yeah what ever".
But the truth of the matter is its really quite a miserable experience being a so called "YouTuber".  Something that makes me shudder when people class me as one?
In my almost six years I've seen very little promise of return or reward.
YouTube was at its roots a uploading site for everyday random types from all over the world to showcase their strange and original out looks on life.
An access point to the masses of would-be online virgins of the camcorders to release their demons and drive their video vehicles across the binary highways of heavenly delights.
Naturally that would be great...
Possibly a chance for the more strange and diverse to push through.  These uploading platforms in their early days was a place of the weird and wacky with the most surreal of content and as basic and low budget as they were, they each held promise of a concept an idea of something more that could be.
Now in real time "YouTube" is all about the following:
TV Shows - Movie Trailers - Sports - YouTube's Mega Stars - Multi Channels - Buying Views
I wasn't surprised when I looked into "Buying views" it's an UBER business and don't think it's just the little people taking a slice of this fat money making cake.
Justin Bieber - Psy - Rihanna to throw a few names into the ring have been using this incredibly easy low cost way to boost their own image and returns.
It does nothing but make you wonder the next time you look at these so called five million views in two days videos, if this format of buying views isn't very much alive throughout YouTube on many levels...!
I've always been a firm believer that if you don't run advertisements on YouTube then your videos your channel are buried deep and ranked down.
There's no way a multi billion dollar company is going to put a channel of zero profit making on the front cover, no matter how amazing or talented that channel is.
I think there is a level of corruption within the Google/YouTube empire.
I don't think were talking Fifa levels here, more turning a blind eye to whats really going on.
They know how easy it is to buy views and more, I just feel that they have very little or no control of this practice and in the same breathe know how profitable this can be on the side.
And let's just not make this about YouTube, you can buy views likes hearts re-tweets followers friends subscribers "Everything is for SALE" - "Everything has a PRICE".
The price paid and what was sold was once an amazing uploading site that now resembles nothing more than a fast food chain of recycled soulless video mush...

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  1. YouTube is a sad stagnant place where creativity counts for nothing. It's all about the dollar dollar bill y'all. I too find it increasingly disheartening and I know I'm just echoing what you have written but it's just to say I hear ya and I'm sure countless others to do.