Thursday, 9 July 2015

That's show business

Cards down on the table - I haven't really been feeling it lately!
I've been struggling with the weather, its the 'heat' way too much for me and my MS.
Heads been pushed firmly into video clip mash-up mode and writing more music.
Random mixture of free footage online edited to follow of the music.

My Cross-dressing is on hold for the time being, not all because I'm not feeling overly pretty at the moment, but also I want to do other things and upload different types of videos.
Naturally the views will drop, but that's show business for you... So I hear...!

Anyways enjoy these few videos over the next few weeks.

Music NLiN lOki 2015
Click Here For YouTube Video Link
There is a music link on this video to the MP3 download if you would like this track.

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