Monday, 6 April 2015

Cross-dressing erotic test photography

Back in 2012, I wanted to take my cross-dressing style, and how I saw cross-dressing as a whole, out of the closet and show it in many different ways.
Rather than this dark taboo world of confused scared men who would like to show their feminine side, but fear the backlash.
I tried my hand at comedy first and produced roughly ten 20-30 minute shows filmed in a corner of my bedroom for a couple of years.  Strangely enough, people actually watched the video to my surprise...!
And then I moved on to "Crossdressing Behind Closed Doors", which was more of fashion statement.  I thought, at one point, that this funny loveable little character might get some love from a television production company due to the amount of people being attracted to her, but sadly it was more or less a flash in the pan. What goes up must come down.
Now, in 2015, finding a direction for "Kathleen Dawson" has become harder and harder, so my partner and I thought we would run some test shots of a more soft-erotic nature and see what kind of feedback we would get from it.
Please note these are merely "test" shots which took us all of ten minutes or so to do.
At some point this year, we will be working on a full set of pictures and try to push some new boundaries.


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