Saturday, 10 January 2015

Transsexual & Transgender Vs Russian driving license

So it seems Vladimir Putin, suffering from a "mental disorder", has felt it fit, in 2015, to list transsexual and transgender people amongst those who will no longer qualify for a driving license. And what is the incredibly stupid reasoning behind this genius move by the Russian Government?
Transsexual and transgender people have "mental disorders" and Russia has too many road accidents.
Holy SHIT... World, brace yourself as the bells toll and Vladimir Putin stirs his gay, transsexual, and transgender hating ship into harbour.
I've often thought to myself that people in positions of power, such as world leaders, really do need to be, at the very least, psychiatrically evaluated once a year, just to make sure they're not going just a little bit mental in the head...!
With all the problems caused by Vladimir during 2014, at least he did the right thing at Christmas and made sure that the prices for vodka were lowered... because as we all know, drinking and driving mix beautifully well together and would never lead to "Russia having too many road accidents."
If anything, this really does show that we cannot and must not accept people in such postions of power to force their own backward views or opinions onto others.
We are, after all, creatures of freedom and of one direction that moves forward through time. We evolve and grow, showing no matter how peacefully we express our love for one and other, we can stand tall and proud in such times of darkness.
From the flint to the fire to the wheel to the cart to the car and so on...
When such limited-minded people like Vladimir come along, we can only wonder what happened to him to make him hate his fellow human being so much.

Kathleen Dawson

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