Friday, 10 October 2014

Crossdressing Vlogger#5 Two hour window Pt2

I know quite a few crossdresser and sadly more often than not many are unable to let their hair down and dress-up and have fun.
Its one of the main reasons why I started crossdressing online, to prehaps show a little freedom or bring some kind of cheer into people's lifes.
The wigs the fashion the comedy anything really that makes a brighter day.
And I do totally understand why the views to these videos are high but get very little in the way of comments.

I don't think I'll every get use to the disappointment of my videos of just me as a man on camera receiving very little interest in the way of views or taffic.
But when I put a wig on chance my voice and dress as her, then I am seen...!
For me I hear many voices in my head and most softly wispher.
"Nobody likes you, they just like her." Who are you...?

Hmm... I guess after four years, quite simply nothing to anyone.
I'm not even known as that man with multiple sclerosis that defies all the odds of a horrid disease and break all the rules.
LOL... When I make an inspirable MS video, I can't even get support for my work from MS groups or society's which is incredibly lame and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Anyways this is getting ranty, but I'm sure you understand my feelings... may be...!
Although I am writing as a man so I doubt very much youv'e even read to this point.
For some strange reason I have the movie "weird science" going through my mind.

Two hour window Pt1 YouTube Link

Two hour window Pt2 YouTube Link

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