Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crossdressing & on the ropes...

Oh dear... I'm currently in bad shape again with my multiple sclerosis :( And spending sometime trying to recover from another hard hitting round.
I have an excellent corner team that are patching me up by sticking cotton buds up my nose and ironing out the swelling.
On the up side I did manage to film another Crossdressing Vlogger#3.
And a very cheeky #3.5 Aimed at "Most Haunted's Yvette Fielding - Can't blame a girl for trying!

Which is something today I'd like to write about.  I think a huge "OMG" is in order for the level of views CD Vlogger#2 got, and if a dare add a "WTF" as well...
It only took one kind spirited person on Twitter to share it and the result was three days later 300+ views.
Not a big deal in the world of YouTube, but to me who run's a small independent channel, its a mega big deal.
If your wondering where it got share to: "Femme Gender News" and as it quite rightfully says underneath its title "For all the girls who weren't born as girls"
My deepest thanks to Rachel who run's the site :)
I truly hope my Crossdressing Vloggers get shared to this wonderful outlet again over the coming weeks & months of me posting them up.
As I tweeted Rachel and thanked her... I try to use art & a comedy twist to break down a few doors surrounding Crossdressing...

There is a tiny part of me now that is starting to believe that perhaps Kate or Kathleen or Kitty is starting to get noticed and the warm hearted community are helping me get where I need to get to.
If your wondering where it is I need to get to?
The answer to that is very easy..."ALL THE WAY BABY...ALL THE WAY!"
I can load the bullets, but I do need your help to pull the trigger.

Confused:  I'm a little confused at the moment to what to actually upload to YouTube?  Kathleen/Kate/KittyD seems to get the LOVE which is amazing.
And if truth were told I actually enjoy making the videos a lot more than others that I make. 
I currently run three channels: Flutterby4472/LOKI - Nlinloki2 - KittyD Transforming
I've been toying with a few ideas based around these channels...such as...
Flutterby is pure Crossdressing, Nlinloki2 will be music & arty-farty stuff, KittyD Transforming stays the same, Make-up crafting arts etc...

Anyways I thinks that enough for now and plenty food for thought.
Have a lovely day and take care :)

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