Sunday, 10 August 2014

What's Up Jesus...

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What's up Jesus

Something I don't often talk about is how I get my ideas or concepts.
I've been asked many times over the years and I normally reply with the answer.
"It's just the stuff in my head"
I'm not what you would class as an "intelligent" person, more a slightly amateur
sensitive savant.
So here's the breakdown of how or why I make my work:

1- My head hurts.

2- I craft the music: Find the hook - Jesus sample - Look for gospel vocal samples.
Layer and build track around the vocal samples.

3- Spice things up a little and add a fake DJ to remix my track.

4- WHY a fake DJ?  Because at this point I'm already bored and am thinking about
making other videos that I'd rather be doing but don't have the time or money...YET!
And naturally I need something to hook to the vevo-meso logo & get the letters M&S
into the picture.

5- Enter DJ meso.

6- I craft the video: Naturally I'm limited to what I can do at this point.
Editing software is very impressive these days and affordable, but saying that,
for what I see in my mind, this video is merely a rough stekch of what I want to produce.
Video babble: Still shots black & white - vevo logo blank - Add meso text - Flutterby logo-
Overlay target radar - Add scrolling Jesus - Bright light spin - Jesus background - Overlay
digital side bars - Scrolling Jesus beat effect - PiP picture frame - Fade in Sound Only logo -
Dancing fat dude - Jesus background water colour effect - Uploader logo - FIN
Render: 720p HD

7- Day three: Take victim and make them dress up and become DJ meso...
Have a quick shave, add head band & find your goggles.
Stand in front of camera and strike that pose for the Title screen shot for your YouTube

8- Clean up photos using

9- Take photos back to editing suite and add blank Vevo logo plus any other text needed.

10- Spend a few hours cleaning up a few more extra photos for the blog and type a write-up
to your blog...

11- Upload to YouTube and try and figure out which are the best TAGS to use that will get
your video noticed, so you can at the very bare minimum get some feeling of reward for
your time spent by bringing some sort of experience into someone else's life, for no
particular reason other than 1- My head hurts.

And that's about it really...
It's a lot of work, more work than people actually do realise... but naturally I enjoy it and wouldn't
put the time or the effort into it if it were otherwise.

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