Friday, 22 August 2014

The Kathleen Dawson Show 11

The Kathleen Dawson Show 11

It's only a mini show of around ten minutes, but packed full of the usual madness
that you would expect from Kathleen...!
Something I feel that is worth pointing out with this rather funny loud & proud character if you
haven't noticed, is that she made up of three different personalities or quite possible three different types of people.

1- Kate: The quite sensible one - Poet & Writer - Thoughtful.
2- Kitty D: Electronic music composer - wouldbe fashion model - silent movie star.
3- Kathleen Dawson: The entertainer - loud mouth - comedian - and the one that gets me into trouble.

I hope you enjoy the show as always it was 100% unscripted "Play recored" and GO...!
I'm still hunting a deal with any T.V.production companies but as ever I'm just pissing in the wind.
So that's yet another boil wash...

Big thanks to my friends that have repeatly shared my work over the years of trying to get myself
and Kathleen noticed.
Its not easy and this type of entertainment is a rare form to work with & in...
Its not that there isn't a place for it with in the entertainment bussiness itself.
Its finding the right person who will see the value & take that leap...

The Kathleen Dawson Showw 11

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