Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kitty D Mr Severed Head Comedy Sketch

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I'm one of the few British Drag Queen's or Cross-dressing comedains on YouTube nowadays if not the only one...?
Hide & Seek with Mr Severed Head took about three minutes to dream up and around three hours to film and edit...
Naturally trying to get others interested in my comedy is really hard work...
Strangley enough my Channel "flutterby4472" gets roughly 200 visits per day, but these visits are not reflected in my overall views on my channel...?
So actually getting a fair deal on YouTube for the work I put into my channel isn't seen at my end.
I often wonder to myself if YouTube has turned off the tap to my channel because I don't run AD's
I.E. I don't make them any money...
For me the math is simple here, I would need around 100,000 subcribes to make any sort of money to make it worth my while.  If I ran AD's now I would make around £2.75 a month "IF" I was lucky.
I'm not really in the habbit of begging for SUBS or LIKES or COMMENTS thats up to you, but I do always ask for SHARES.
That to me is how you get views & subs, by getting new people to see your work.
So Please share my work if you have the time and if you do know so one with in the bussiness that could use a strange freaky artist such as myself that let me know...
You can also find me on Twitter NLIN LOKI @nlin4472

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